Has Covid Changed The Value Of Staging A Home Before Putting It On The Market?

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Let me ask you this: If selling a home is one of the most significant financial transactions you can make would you prefer to do it well or cut corners? I trust that your intention would be the former. It won’t take long searching on Google to discover that the stats show how important it is to stage your home before putting it on the market. That said, we wonder if Covid has impacted this in any way.

We went digging for current reports and emerged with the understanding that staging may be more valuable than ever. In the current market of British Colombia, houses are moving fast in what they are calling a “seller’s market.” With offers being made sight unseen and married couples sending partners solo to sniff out a property and make offers on their behalf in haste, it makes us wonder if we should still bother with staging the house at all.

Covid has moved things around by having less in-person viewing and pushed many potential buyers online to scroll for homes. House shopping has become more like online dating. Swipe left for yes, please and right, for no thank you. With more buyers, online scrolling, we can see the value of having top-notch professional photographs are more crucial than ever. To get good photos, you will want great staging.

Instead of having to find a home of interest, book an appointment, and show up to take a look, it’s faster than ever to compare several locations online. If your home is empty, cluttered, or full of your hammy-down furniture, your photos will lose you a lot of attention.

Then comes the highly anticipated Covid style homes viewings, nothing like our first global pandemic to make you realize how sacred the shared experience of viewing a home truly is. You get this opportunity to showcase this entire home in person, and WHAT it’s empty!?

We feel it is safe to say that buyers have come to expect the viewing to be respected enough to have some high-quality effort put into its moment in the spotlight. Miss this trick, and you will not only lose time and money but, more importantly, you could lose sleep. The choice is yours. You could choose to honor the importance of this endeavor and hire a phenomenal staging company or cut corners and throw her on the marketplace as is.

Choose wisely, as this decision is not about the home you are selling but about you. How do you approach significant events in your life? Do you give it your all and do your very best, or do you find ways to scrape by? This decision is an opportunity for you to choose to put in the effort.

Do yourself, your loved ones, and the future owner of your home the justice of hiring a staging company. Remember, this is about honoring the significance of this transaction by doing the very best you can. Making the call to get your home staged will allow you to stand tall and rest with ease.

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