Technology Development and Solar Energy Use on New Construction

solar panel installation

Why Solar Energy?

Technological developments have enabled us to expand the use of our resources not just for luxury living but also for environmentally friendly living. In addition, because everyone wants to take care of the Earth we live in, people began taking solar energy use into consideration when thinking about building a new home construction or a custom-built house. IRACA is also in the move for this positive change and already has a project that has used this type of technology for a better Earth.
Many believe this is a huge step towards a more environmentally friendly way of living. Solar energy technology has many environmental benefits, it has proved to be financially beneficial in the long run as well. There are many other benefits that come with solar energy use, for instance, it may reduce your monthly electricity bills and it does not require a lot of maintenance nor is the maintenance pricy. Also, it looks fancy, modern and luxury appearance wise.

How and Why?

The reason as to why solar energy is a good resource for the environment is that it is pollution free and contains no greenhouse gases. Furthermore, it is safer and cheaper in the long run, why? According to IRACA’s custom home building experience, although it contains an expensive installation process, the future electricity bills are much lower than the average home electricity bill. Also, if there is an excess production of energy then you may be given money instead of paying a bill.


The installation is quite pricy because of its’ materials but it is a one-time payment. Also, this technology is weather dependent, which means that although it can get energy on cloudy and or rainy days, it is not as efficient as the energy it receives on a sunny day. Furthermore, many people forget this technology does not run at night.

IRACA suggests that if you are thinking about installing this technology to your custom home plan, you might want to consider your geographical location and some of the advantages and disadvantages that comes with it. HOWEVER, you are NOT alone, book your FREE CONSULATION with IRACA today to explore all the possibilities of your dream home.

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