Trending Ideas and Improvements in Construction: Spice Kitchen

Spice kitchen

Spice Kitchen or as some may refer, wok kitchen , is a secondary kitchen in your home. The reason many developers build a secondary kitchen in their newly build custom homes is that this improvement provides a lot of comfort for the homeowner.

How ?

Well, the “Spice Kitchen” or secondary kitchen is technically the main kitchen because that is the purpose of it. Many people use it to cook and store of their cooking items in there because it is a closed area within the Main Kitchen or Cosmetic Kitchen and that prevents all the smell of the cooked meals inside that area. Therefore, it stops the whole house to smell like food.

Why is this Improvement Great?

For instance, lets say you have 20 guests coming to over to your place for a fancy dinner and you’re cooking roast beef and pasta, most people would hate to have their whole home smell like the mix of those foods or even one of it because you would rather have your house smell like lavender and flowers. Therefore, this secondary kitchen/Spice kitchen prevents your house to smell like different cooked meals for days. Another advantage of this kitchen is that it keeps all the mess made from cooking and aftermath of your food table in a private area which can be managed at your own convenience. Thus, your main kitchen will ALWAYS stay clean and spotless, which is why it is called “Cosmetic Kitchen” now.

What does the Spice Kitchen have?

The spice kitchen usually comes with its own sink and stove/oven following some cabinets and drawers. Dishwater, fridge, built-in coffee maker and other appliances are optional but depending on the location of the home, the expectation of that location and the available building space, some have these appliances as well. In a way, it permits for a second type of ANY appliance to take place at the home, for instance, the kitchen area can have two fridges instead of the one kitchen most other homes have. Therefore, it is a small version of the main kitchen, which is then called a “cosmetic kitchen”.

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