Luxury Custom Home Builders In North Vancouver

IRACA is one of the luxury custom home builders among the other Vancouver home builders , which focuses a lot on installing the best built-in technology. IRACA’s designer, Sera Rezabaig, is a strong believer of having top appliances installed into its houses. Moreover, during their real estate consulting sessions and their builder consulting sessions.

Explore the Possibilities

They always advise their clients that having top appliances in their custom-built home is a huge asset in the long run. If they ever want to sell their home. Although some custom home builders in Vancouver don’t believe in having top appliances, as they are quite pricey and valuable. However, they forget that appliances play a big part in the value of the custom-build home. Other appliances include, built-in coffee makers and since coffee is a big part most people’s lives these days. This is a phenomenal and eye-catching feature for MANY consumers. Consequently, many consumers fall in love with the kitchen of a home because it has the most technology and it shapes the looks of a home as a whole.

Other technology includes, automatic lights to save energy, Nest home automation systems. Iteams such as the Nest thermostat and its security cameras, and home automation systems. These allow heating systems, lights, alarms and more to be controlled all using one screen platform at your home.

Lean towards Efficiency

In addition to these forms of features, Viessmann energy efficient hot water tanks and central vacuum systems with their own Toe-kick vacuum system. In washrooms and kitchens are also being installed in IRACA’s custom built homes. Homes such as, 3333 Ayr Avenue in North Vancouver and the other ongoing projects that IRACA has at hands. These forms of technology once installed onto the house allow for a more luxurious living and more comfort.

Furthermore, they increase the value of property as well as increase the demand for it. Since only most newly built homes have such technology features.  IRACA believes that these systems are priority in the luxury houses that are built by their builders and designers. They always try their best to consult their clients to take advantage of such technology.

Live in Your Dream

Ever wondered what it would be like to wake up in your dream home. The sun grazing your face first as your are in a beautifully designed bed looking at the sun rise through your floor to ceiling windows. Looking at the blends of red, yellow, and orange as you enjoy the aromas of the your brewing coffee. Worry and stress free about the maintenance of your home as you lightly tap on your vacuum as you go and get ready for your day. Picking out clothes in you personally designed and organized walk in closet. Descending down your grand stair case as you check on the safety of your home through a screen. Leaving your house with comfort, as knowing it will remain as the peaceful oasis when you return.

With IRACA Group there is no need to wonder when you can know the the comfort and ease of a custom built home. As an investment for your current family and and future generations to come. Partner with IRACA Group and take a deep breath as you let these trained professionals help “Building your dream home”.

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